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Is this capability for you?

Do you want to create unique marketing materials that have a customized shape?

Do you frequently need custom packaging and boxes, door hangers, or folders?

If the answer is yes, die cutting is for you. Our rotary die cutter will help you lower costs, save on production time and produce a consistent finished product every time. 


The Process

Die cutting involves two precision metal dies that can cut, score or even emboss substrates up to 24 pt., all in one pass. 

The dies are made of hardened metal and are CNC milled to exacting tolerances. Our new modern rotary die cutter has a higher speed of production compared to the older letterpress counterparts, making it more efficient for your jobs. The rotary press works more like a printing press, passing the sheet between the two die cylinders of the machine. Every job that is run on our rotary die cutter needs two dies, one above and one below, resulting in cuts and scores of the highest of quality. 


The Commercial Benefits of Die Cutting

In commercial printing, the benefits of die cutting come in the shape of lower cost per unit. Creating a metal die comes at an initial price to the customer but when the quantities start getting higher, the cost of the die all but vanishes. Each metal die produced can withstand as much as a million impressions before a new one needs to be made. Needless to say, the ROI on a set of rotary dies is quite incredible. 

Cost is one thing but turn around time is another, time is money after all. Rotary die cutting can cut time on your production as it will move faster than a traditional die cutter. Other trimming capabilities, like our Zünd CNC machine for example, are great for shorter runs but higher quantity jobs are made for the rotary die cutter. Flexible rotary dies can contain details that are comparable to what we can produce on our Laser cutter, without the concern of burn marks. The die cutter also scores your job simultaneously, so there is no need for an additional step in production. 


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